Embedded in America is the story of one man’s realization that truth is not Truth.

The posts will be about everything from politics to mind control to healthcare to race to conspiracy theories.

A few words about the author: He spent his life as a Conservative. Not a NeoCon nor a TEA Party-er. But a true, old-fashioned, conservative. Small government, ruled by the Constitution. Strong military but non-interventionist and used only in cases of NATIONAL SECURITY. Self-reliance and reward with respect and desire to help our fellow man. That is not the Conservatives of today.

These new Conservatives are for huge government, huge military which intervenes where ever CORPORATE security is threatened. And that’s where it ends. Nothing else matters. All other rules are to keep the proles in line. No rules for the wealthy, no justice for the rest. In Dollar We Trust. Or yen, or yuan.

The author believes this can go only so far, that the pendulum will do more than simply swing back, it will come unhooked. When the only difference in the choice we are offered is which special interest group the nominee serves, there is no choice.


One Response to “About”

  1. Hey there Author, nice “about” section here.

    I’m an Australian Freelance Cartoonist, and know nothing about American politics other than the facts I get from the Media.

    Which means, I know nothing about American politics.

    But I feel you’ve outlined a common trend within Western governments, in that they’ve become self-serving and have forgotten about the little guy and what’s best for their country.

    The various governments seem happy if they have a pocket full of “big business”, and big business is happy if they have a pocket full of the incumbent government.

    Of course, that’s only true if you believe what you read between the lines in the newspapers.

    Feel free to have a look at my “political cartoons”. They may be Australian based, but there’s a certain similarity between our systems.




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