Doublethink and the Paris Attacks

Yesterday, in response to the attacks in France, former Democrat leader Howard Dean says these attackers are not ‘Muslim Terrorists”. He says they are ‘mass murderers’ who just happen to be Muslim. This in spite of the fact that two of the terrorists, the brothers, claimed to have been trained by Al Qaeda and that group claims to have directed the attacks on at least the magazine on Wednesday .

In fairness, Dean only had the decades of attacks all over the western world and Wednesday’s attacks in Paris to base his comments on. The attacks on the jewish grocery and printing plant from today hadn’t happened yet. It’s quite possible with this additional information he would have realized his mistake.

More likely is the possibility that Mr Dean has officially adopted the policy of Doublethink – that concept of both knowing the truth and simultaneously knowing the truth is not “the truth“. “The Truth” being that truth which is sanctioned by the US Government. Sort of like “I did not have sex with that woman” or “I am not a crook” or “Bay of Pigs? What Bay of Pigs?” At times, it seems as if the government has adopted an equal and opposite position from conspiracy theorists. Strike the opposite part.

We, as citizens, know that every leader, whether private or public, will choose the truth that shows them or their subject in the best light. We watch – and often, accept – as they tell us “that wasn’t me on that tape”. We watch as they rewrite history right in front of us. Sometimes it’s understandable as the slaughterhouse CEO claims he had no way of knowing that the cows he fed us were sick, all the while the tape of livestock being pushed into the knives by forklifts because they were too ill to walk plays during his voiceover. Whether we believe them or not is really not the issue. It’s whether we accept it.

In Orwell’s ‘1984’, Winston Smith changed the amount of chocolate rationed from 30g to 25g and called it an increase. Readers of the newspaper happily exclaimed to each other how good Big Brother was to grant them the increase. In America, the government says the Consumer Price Index showed only a 2.1% increase in prices, meaning very low inflation,  while neglecting to mention the index no longer included food, housing or gas. You know, those items most people buy every day. All the while smiling-faced semi-beautiful blondes on every major ‘news’ network repeat the figures to show how the economy is improving. The next story telling how 240,000 new jobs were created (while stating most were minimum wage jobs) and that 500,000 people had officially dropped off the roles of those looking for work, so the ‘unemployment number’ improved to only 7%.

It’s entirely possible that, when Smith’s neighbor joyfully informed him of the ration increase in chocolate or the smiling blonde told us how the jobless rate went down, they actually believed it. Few pilots, when crashing, ever acknowledge the impending crash and cockpit recording libraries are filled with examples of flyers grunting out ‘I think I can pull her up’ followed by loud smashing noises and silence. The capacity of the human mind to accept lies as truth – even when faced with the truth – is amazing and well documented. It is a defense mechanism for some, a survival mechanism for others.

Dean, stating as his voice blared on Fox News over the video of the French terrorists shooting to death at point-blank range a policeman while screaming in arabic that God is Great, that these weren’t muslim terrorists, is neither of these. He isn’t faced with the gun barrel, so it isn’t survival kicking in. He isn’t responsible (in this case) for that policeman or the other eleven killed that day, so it isn’t defensive. So why would a seemingly intelligent man claim that, on a wonderfully sunny day, that the sky isn’t blue? (You know the answer. It’s simple. Political Correctness. Not to beat a dead horse…)

Doublethink invades our lives from the mouths of our teenagers (obviously drunk but claiming they were studying), our ‘news’ personalities, our corporate and civic leaders. Our parents tell us about ‘little white lies’ and weird Uncle Jimmy tells little Jenny not to tell mom about their little secret. Knowing the truth while simultaneously accepting another version of truth is a part of our lives from early on.

Would Howard tell the widows and children of those killed over the past three days that he objected to their loved ones’ killers being called muslim terrorists? What will Dean say when dozens of masked gunman carrying ISIS flags and storming the Capital steps stop to record his last words? Will he stick to his claim that it’s a cult about to commit mass murder? How about when they swarm over his high, guarded fence and kick in the doors of his house? Will they be muslim terrorists then?

Of course, once that happens, it’s too late. Bullets don’t practice Doublethink.


~ by Mad Prophet on January 9, 2015.

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