Selling the Presidency

The campaign against smoking in America has been a long, slow battle. This choice to cause change over a long period has a few advantages: it gives those who will be affected financially time to make changes; it gives those making the changes time to present them in a way that allows those being changed to believe they are making the choices themselves and it allows the many changes needed to be made over time in a way that doesn’t make it look like a concerted effort to make smoking disappear. In the end, the outcome is the same – the end of smoking. The nazis used the same tactics to dehumanize their enemies.

Using this same long term approach, the elite of our planet have been making changes to enable them to ensure that our leaders are those they have selected. While, naturally, leading us to believe that we made the decision.

This is a time consuming process. For the elite of our planet, unlike most everyone else, that is OK. They think long term. Most everyone else does not.

There are ways to affect change quickly. The events of September 11th proved that. The costs for that type of change are, however, very high. Unless well executed, the changes can turn out to be temporary. Like the change in smoking, the elites do not want the changes to the election process to be temporary.

Toward that end, the wealthiest and most powerful have been making changes in everything from campaign finance to voter registration and redistricting. Naturally, some changes are made by one party while the other protests and some changes are made by the other party while the first complains. It makes it appear that the checks and balances still exist.

They do not.

From the Supreme Court comes rulings that allow what amount to unlimited and anonymous campaign contributions from, well, from anyone. Of course, the money can’t simply be handed from those who want favor to the pockets of those who will be able to grant it. That would be much too crass and really, would not stand the test of time. Blatant changes like that would be so one sided there could be little defense.

Instead, the matter is brought before the highest court disguised as a free speech issue. That is something not only can everyone get behind, but it makes dissenting opinions smack of anti Americanism. So the money doesn’t go to the politician directly, no. Instead, those who wish to spend money on ads talking about issues, not politicians, but issues (nothing wrong with discussing issues, right?), can spend all they like.

So, John X, running for office makes it a point to be known as the guy associated with drilling for oil in the National Parks. Yikes! In the past, Mr X would have to get many small donations to run ads explaining why this is a good idea. That’s the most direct way. The Supreme Court didn’t allow that to change. Instead, the Corporation for Drilling the Parks is created. Unlimited funding (it takes no imagination to guess who that funding, that anonymous funding, is coming from) goes to our well meaning corporation. Hours of ads are produced showing the benefits of parkland oil.

Mr X spends his money instead promoting his name. Many polls have shown that voters often have no idea what the politician they voted for wants. What they did know was the name.

All Mr X does is branding.

Before all this, getting back to the theme of long term goals, was another Supreme Court ruling – not actually a ruling, but rather a misinterpreted note on a ruling – that allowed corporations to be treated as people. Once corporations were people, well, it wasn’t a huge step to the expectations of “rights” for these new people. Like our most cherished right to free speech.

Enter the Citizens United ruling. That was the one mentioned that allowed unlimited anonymous funds to pay for ads – free speech – about “issues”.

~ by Mad Prophet on May 29, 2014.

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