A few words on recent events…

What bothers and amazes me both is how many smart people – and I consider most of my friends to be at the least, smart – do the knee-jerk reactionary crap that you expect from the rank and file. Most of those (the rank and file) have never read a book – at least, not since high school and then it was Louis Lamor or something assigned. They’ve never visited another country and have no real idea how any other people live. They actually have little real knowledge of how we live, because the bulk of their lives is spent living at the end of their nose. Those people are raised and trained by the tube and the rest of the control mechanisms and you expect them to react as the machine has trained them to react.

30, 300, 3000 incidents of any kind over a decade is not an ‘epidemic’. It’s not something to change the way an entire society behaves. In fact, society should endeavor to resist exactly that. Otherwise the bad guys win. Like the 19 guys who hijacked 4 planes and changed not just the course of 3000 families, but the entire country. (What’s worse about that incident is the PC which quickly surrounded it so real responses to the threat become impossible.) Let’s figure out what’s wrong with the people doing these crimes and stop blaming the peripherals. In fact, strike that – blaming guns. The stabbing in China, whether fatal or not doesn’t end in calls for the end of easy availability of knives. And when drunk, texting or old people drive their cars into groups of people (whether in crowds or other cars), you don’t see calls for the end of motor vehicles. There’s something divisive and visceral about guns that causes people to not view those who wield them but rather focus on the weapon.

Photographers out there, don’t you love it when someone tells you what great pictures your camera takes? A common enough comment to photographers – who are artists and the camera the tool. While you could attack my comparison, don’t. That gun (or those guns) in my safe will hurt no one until I decide they will. And while you can change the attack to the ‘availability’ of guns or ‘easy access’ – there are laws in place. I apologize for the rant here, but I’m just tired of these responses from this country. When the government cuts food inspectors so money-grubbing corporations knowingly send out poison food and sicken or kill people, they don’t close the company. There aren’t calls to end access to chicken or apples or lettuce.

The folks who wrote the 2nd Amendment (and commentary) were pretty clear about what it meant – and why. Our rights are constantly threatened and none more so than this one. The gun no more kills people than cameras take great pictures or spoons make people fat. The people using those items are to blame and I agree with those who think we need to find out why they behave the way they do. Period.


~ by Mad Prophet on December 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “A few words on recent events…”

  1. I came across your blog since your most recent post was featured on Freshly Pressed. That article interested me so I thought of going through your archive.
    This is very well written! I especially like the line ‘The gun no more kills people than cameras take great pictures of spoons make people fat’. Your commentary on the food industry and likening that to gun control is well versed and something I really hadn’t thought of. That’s some thinking there.
    I look forward to more of your prose.
    Congrats on making it to Freshly Pressed 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Those are truly kind words.

      I was very honored to be on Freshly Pressed. I don’t know how they select – but it’s gotta be random! In any event, I’ll try to live up to your expectations.

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