The Big Choice

Personally, I feel every election since Reagan has been a choice of the lesser of two evils. History may prove to us that Reagan was a sham as well. I don’t think so, but that’s my belief and not necessarily the truth. Every election is also, no matter how far from true, advertised as the most important election ever. In the history of the United States, mankind, the world! Most aren’t. This one, is.

It’s not really and hasn’t been for 60 or more years, a choice between two ideologies. The powers that be would like us all to believe that’s the truth, mostly so we can also believe we have a choice and that the choice matters, but it’s all illusion. That is the heart of doublethink and doublespeak: illusion. Whether its the illusion we create for ourselves or the illusion created for us by others, living in doublethink is all about illusion.

There is no division between the parties except illusion. Are there differences in what they’ll do? Certainly. They each support their own special interests. Romney has made it clear (and makes no attempts, even in the lie-fests called debates to dispel the notion) that he intends to funnel even more money to the military. I would guess, from that, that he also intends to use it. Why would you continue to equip it ever more heavily unless that was your plan? Obama is in the pocket of the health care industry. He already passed a mandate for each of us to buy health care insurance. Ostensibly, of course, that sounds like such a win for the people – but is it? If the goal is socialism, yes. If not, it’s questionable. Who will that benefit? The insurance companies. Clearly. Obama has further, like all presidents since Reagan, shown he will do anything for Wall Street. Dodd-Frank is no restriction. No regulation. It’s what the banks wanted to look like they were being reined in when in fact, it does nothing to curb their excesses. Glass-Seagall repeal was the greatest single special interest coup this nation has ever seen. Obamacare may well prove its runner-up. Both passed, it must be added, during Dem administrations.

So the doublethink here is the illusion between the candidates. One side is for the people, the other for business. One side for those that can’t, the other for those that have. But which side is which? The only REAL difference is the industry each supports! That is most likely an illusion as well.

Ah well. Be sure and vote November 6th.


~ by Mad Prophet on October 19, 2012.

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