These are trying times

Are they not? From the political split down the middle to the quite real, but quite unfixed debt situation to health care to corporations who only honor the dollar to the influence, the incredibly destructive influence of political correctness to …

America is called the Greatest Country on Earth. It was. In small ways, it remains so. In small ways. Our streets are lined with cameras to catch drivers crossing red lights – convicted by a camera. The same road is littered with potholes and garbage and the homeless, but our government only addresses the red light runners. The cops will come arrest you should you fail to pay that ticket but they won’t come when someone is breaking into your garage or has stolen your bike. Those same cops, paid for by the money from red light cameras and taxes, hide behind signs and park at the blind side of a corner after a long downhill in order to give more fines, more tickets. But 80% of all murders go unsolved.

Our government has mandated each American has healthcare – a victory in some eyes. If we choose to remain free, of course, we’re fined for that. And yet, should the patient need treatment, the insurance the patient was forced to purchase will limit what they will do for him. Or his children.

Buy a new house and pay for dozens of inspections while it’s built. Then somehow, once complete, one thing after another fails. From cheaply made but expensive appliances that break early but somehow aren’t covered by their warranty. From cars that don’t run right from the first day, but you’re told it’s within manufacturer specs. From lawmakers who make laws that exempt them.

Over and over, the chances to do right and the checks and balances that were supposed to guarantee same are wasted and forgotten and corrupted. The problems are so perverse and so systemic that no simple change will save things. No promise of CHANGE will work. The problem is not within the system – it IS the system. The problem is not within the culture – it IS the culture. That, my friends, is the truth. Period.

If life is going well for you, you have the house and cars and kids and two big screen tvs and internet in your bathroom and lines of credit and … you still know it’s all sick. It’s dying. The last great gasp that ended in 2008 and has now become a death rasp is just that. If you have all that, you don’t want it to end. You don’t want to see what your mind knows is true. Why would you? You might even, should you give voice to that knowledge you have, be scared. Frightened about what real change would mean. What change would require. If it isn’t all based on doing the right thing (as currently defined) and never, ever worrying about those that don’t or can’t or won’t, then what will it be based on? If you can’t get ahead by stepping on heads, how will you be better? If you can’t get a tattoo or a piercing or color your hair and claim superiority – will you still be superior?

To make it in America means only taking a couple of paths – if we don’t count those called criminals now. You do well in school, move on to college, get a good job, spend less than you make and build your credit – money you don’t need, but spend anyway. Slowly you climb the job ladder, the credit ladder, the bank ladder. You buy a house and save for your kids college and your retirement. That’s one path. That’s the American Dream.

Then you could be the super-smart kid, the hacker, the genius, the inventor. You create through art or code or invention. You write the popular, throw away songs. You produce the novel that everyone reads this year, can’t remember next year. You build the new operating system or “app” or website. You skip through the grades and grading and expectations but you succeed anyway. This is also the American Dream.

Then you could be the one who craves power. You come from power or money or breeding. You do all the things the first group does, but you have an advantage. You go into the best schools, take the best courses, get the best grades. You become a banker or a politician. Through power you acquire power. Through power you acquire money. And more power. And more money. You make the rules that change the rules. The banker pays the lobbyist who changes the votes of the politician.

While of course there are exceptions, the majority do what the majority do. What Americans do. They trade quality for money, for profit. They trade security for money. They trade. Everything. For. Money. Where the burger flipper once cared or at least acted like they cared – they don’t now. The chairbuilder buys cheaper pieces because it makes more money. The home builder knows it will be years before the cheap plastic used to create the vapor lock breaks down and destroys the basis of most of the American Dream. So the home buyer instead cheaps out and rebuilds and sticks it to the next buyer.

We all know that we are lied to day in day out. We know it and so we lie. We cheat and we say they cheat so it’s all ok.

At every level, for every person, this culture corrupts. The dream corrupts. The system corrupts.

It must be changed. Nay, it must come down.


~ by Mad Prophet on April 2, 2012.

One Response to “These are trying times”

  1. And when it all comes down do we just sit around and groove on the rubble?

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