Negative vs Positive

I’ve known, and I’ve been told, most recently just yesterday, that I tend to be a bit negative. The comment yesterday centered around a FB post I made that was misinterpreted. And that’s ok, because the larger part was that my calling out of government and corporate crap is considered negative. People don’t like and don’t want to be reminded that not everything is peaches and cream. Something that should be painfully obvious given our current economic and political status in this country. Indeed, the world. I don’t like using the “They” word to denote the gov’t or corp leaders because it sounds too much like a conspiracy label. And make no mistake – there is no conspiracy. Those operate in secret or at least semi-secret. This is all out in the open. So when I say ‘they want you to act positive’ – I’m not saying there’s some written manifesto that states that as one of ‘their’ goals. There isn’t.

However, THEY do want us to ignore what THEY do. The gov’t would be perfectly happy if all of America suddenly forgot THEY were there at all. During the last 15 or so years, well, up till 2007-8, we almost did. Heh, YOU almost did. I never did. I asked why all the time. And so we come back to the beginning of this post. I’m viewed as negative. After all, from 2000-2004 or so, I made $250,000 a year. Shouldn’t I have been ‘happy’? I had big-screen TV’s, Harley motorcycles (yep, plural), an Audi drop-top. Hot tub in the back and a four-car garage. My god, didn’t THEY provide!?! Shouldn’t I have been ‘happy’???

Actually, I was sorta happy. I enjoyed my family. The money. The job. The house and, for the first time in my life, even my neighbors! I even knew them! I had a second house, sometimes six figures in the bank. I traveled the world in first or at worst business class. I took my family on cruises and vacations across the country. We ate out every night and had new cars every year. So shouldn’t that have kept me quiet?

Sorry, no.

You see, my belief is simple: If I bitch, maybe I change or at least enlighten, the mind and/or opinion of those who hear me. Perhaps they bitch a bit, too, afterwards. Perhaps they change a few opinions. It’s in this way that things happen.

OK, let me back up: there are a few ways to make change occur. One is to become an agent of change, a politician or corporate leader. Most often, I hope, they go in with the idea of making things better. It doesn’t take long for them to realize their career is more important than creating change and they fall in line. Those that don’t seldom last long and even if they do last, serve as examples of what not to do. Two, you can become a behind-the-scenes agent of change. You know, work for an NGO or volunteer or something that at least appears to be a direct path to creating change. Third, you do as I do. You work in the background, always questioning, always suggesting – and subtly, always changing.

I change just a little of Johnny’s thinking. Maybe he sees an ad I commented on, one flat-out lying to the public and he comments on it to his buddy. Maybe he votes with his feet cause I mentioned how WalMart has destroyed so many lives and livings in small town America. Maybe he votes for a different guy cause I mentioned how the previous lawmaker voted. Or what he said versus what he did. I am an agent of change. Just a subtle one.

Often, I try to make jokes of what I mention. I pause the TV to show the difference, the dichotomy between what the salesperson on the commercial is saying and what the tiny words (thank you HD!) are saying beneath his feet. “Look at this yummy burger!” he says while wide-eyeing it. “Burger may not actually appear this way or contain real meat” says the tiny 4-point wording beneath him. Ha ha, I say. Look at that! Or maybe I make a comment as we pass one of those “Putting America Back to Work” signs at the side of the road (where a bunch of probable illegals are working) and compare it to what Hitler did to get Germany back on the right path following WWI. Maybe I mention these news stories where they talk about how someone overheard someone else mention some plan they had and turned them in and I contrast it to Mao’s “Granny Network” of spies during the 60’s and 70’s.

These things make people uncomfortable. They don’t want to be told they are being lied to. They know it. We all – every single one of us – live in 1984 DoubleSpeak. We see the weight-loss ad and know the product doesn’t work. We might even know the gov’t did tests and banned the product for outright lies, but some lawyer went in front of some judge who had a campaign contribution from a corporation related to the one that makes the weight-loss pill and got the ban thrown out. But we don’t want to be reminded of it.

We don’t want to be reminded that, when we were kids, if it said “Made in the USA” it meant it was the best possible product. Japan even created a city named “USA” so they could put Made in USA on their products. Not long after that, those same words meant “this is a piece of crap” and Made in Japan meant quality. Now, the words mean nothing because we don’t make anything anymore. Japan saves the highest quality products for their factories and, like most of the world, ships the rest to China. Made in China means made like crap, but now, no one else makes anything. But don’t tell Americans about this. You’re being negative.

It’s not positive to remind people that our gov’t – in direct, knowing cahoots with corporate America – allowed and indeed encouraged the conditions that led to the worldwide economic collapse. A collapse that resembles more a bubble in a cake popping than a real growth then fallback. The money we all spent – people, gov’ts, corporations – was fake. Created out of thin air. Brought into existence by proxy and kept afloat by ignorance and finally destroyed by a lack of confidence. As well as a lack of assets. We know this, well, some of us do, the rest aren’t really sure what the hell happened, but don’t tell. That’s not being positive.

And that’s where I say “THEY” want you to not mention it, either. Most people, better than 80%, don’t bother to figure out the why’s anymore. The answers are not pleasant. The answers – should they learn them – might mean that so much of what they like about their lives is just bullshit. Americans walk around with $200k mortgages, $50k in car loans, $25K in credit cards and zero in the bank. (Social Security is anything but.) They know it, but don’t want to be reminded of it. With the retirement age creeping up a year or two every year or two, it won’t matter anyway cause they’ll have to keep working. JUST DON’T MENTION IT. You’re not being happy or positive. Get it now?

This is what I mean by doublespeak. We know that we are in a precarious position, but we don’t want to be told. We know that burger ad lies to us but we don’t want to be told. We know Americans (if anyone at all) being put back to work is bullshit, but WE DON’T WANT TO BE TOLD. That way, as long as we can keep the real world just beyond the tip of our noses, we won’t have to face it. How else can we get through the day knowing that, on top of all that debt we carry, the gov’t has charged up another $35k for each and every one of us? How can we sleep at night knowing that the money we put into social security probably won’t be there (well, that money CERTAINLY won’t be there) when we want or have to retire? How can we go to the polls to vote for CHANGE knowing there won’t be any – except in the names of those who we hear the soundbites from every night?


OK, so I’ll try to be better. Really, I will. I’ll be more upbeat and look for the good in life. Seriously!

So, have you been watching the debt debates? ARRRGGG!!


~ by Mad Prophet on July 26, 2011.

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