Should I be scared?

Or do I spend too much time reading negative news? I ask myself this every day.

For a long time, people would tell me that I worry about things I can do nothing about. I’ve always felt there are two ways to think about this: 1) Do as they do and worry about the things that change your life. Worry about your job, your car, your mate and let the rest go by. You can’t do anything about the state deficit, the illegal alien problem or prison overcrowding. They don’t directly affect you so don’t worry about it! or 2) Worry about all that stuff and about the other stuff, too. Worry, or at least be concerned with, all those things and all the others, the state park closings, the fact that our way of life is not just threatened, but threatened with elimination because of this last, perhaps fatal economic ‘bubble’.

So which is it? My associates, those that say not to worry about what you can’t change, they argue that I can do nothing. And when it comes to BO bombing the Libyan forces ‘suppressing’ the people’s uprising, no, I can do nothing. Not directly. I can’t change Gov Brown’s mind about taking the gas tax money that was supposed to go to our state parks, either. But I can vote. And while even I would argue that it does little if anything, it can show that not all of us are blind to what happens. I can talk to others, too. In particular those that won’t read or care for themselves. Perhaps when they vote, mine will be the opinion they rely on (even subconsciously) when they make their decision.

The latter is my hope. I hope and believe I create a ‘circle of influence’ with my stated opinions. I know, in any group, there will be some who care and worry and hope and some who simply don’t. The latter do influence the former. With any luck, in a positive way.

Of course, there is a third group – the politicians themselves. However, I’m of a mind that you can’t be both a human and a politician. So I guess I’m out. 🙂

So back to my original point – should I be scared? Should we all be scared? The last financial crisis, albeit a manufactured bubble and a manufactured crisis, has taken down every manner of corporation and threatened many nations. Greece, Ireland, Iceland, are just some of the potential victims. The difference ‘tween them and corporations, of course, is they can manufacture money. The first couple of countries mentioned will get or have received bailouts from the more solvent ones. Our country should be on that short list.

We’ve used every dollar available and many trillions that are not. They, like the crisis, were manufactured. Our very way of life is at risk – and I think it’s past that.

Our debt is so huge, it’s not even truly imaginable. You – and your human mind – have no real idea what a trillion is. Not what a billion means. It has trouble with a million. And our leaders, they are human, too. So their minds have the same limitations. And it’s taking nearly every dollar the government takes in just to service. That means, in personal terms, like you having a $2,000 a month credit card payment and a $2,000 a month income. Oh yeah – and you have no equity in your house and no money in the bank. None. Zero. That’s what our federal government has done to us.

Yet they keep promising to cut the size of government while promising that same government will do more for us.

How can they do that? They can’t. They can’t even, without borrowing yet more money, do any of the things they’ve promised to do already! We can’t afford to make things better – hell, we can’t even afford to keep things the same. In California, our gov’t has taken the step to take the money from the gas tax we pay on every gallon that keeps our parks open and direct it to the general fund. You know, the fund that pays for millions of Mexicans to go to school and the doctor right here in the US. Yep. We don’t get to go to the forest on the weekend so people who are here illegally – that’s why they are called illegal aliens – can go to our schools where our kids are jammed in 40 to a room. Oh, and get instruction in Spanish. Nice, huh?

It goes on and on and my friends say I shouldn’t worry and neither should you since neither of us can ‘do’ anything about it.

So, should I be scared?

Should I be scared there won’t be Social Security for me or my kids when they need it?

Should I be scared that my government wants to legalize 10 or 12 million illegals who will add more demand to that system and who will get to vote on things they have no vested interest in once they are legal? Should it worry me that they are estimated to outnumber real Americans only ten years from now?

Should you be scared?

Should the same corporations that shipped your dad’s manufacturing job to China be allowed to get these people legalized so the remaining factory jobs can be staffed by those who will take a wage that won’t buy a house or even a condo? Should that concept scare you or will they only take the jobs you don’t want anyway?

Nah, as long as you can go to work, any work, or get unemployment or welfare, get your sixpack and a Quarter Pounder (from one of those legalized illegals who took that McD job from your kid who instead is waiting at home for his QP), why worry!? Listen to the socialists who will tell you about the worker’s paradise in Sweden (where tax rates are 50% on the low end and 80% on the top) and you have free health care but people still pay for private care. Listen to them tell you how your rights as an individual aren’t as important as your duties as a member of the NWO. Because, of course, you can’t be proud about being an American. That’s nationalism and that’s close to fascism and that’s like being a nazi.

Still not scared? Then don’t worry about it. You’re probably not smart enough to do anything about it anyway.


~ by Mad Prophet on May 19, 2011.

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