When will NWO declare the bailouts a Crisis?

With Ireland the latest victim, er, recipient of a bailout and it’s citizens saddled with $122 billion of new debt, when will the New World Order government declare the bailouts themselves a crisis? The US is currently the beneficiary of over $2 trillion in bailout money. How does this help solve the financial system crisis? And how the hell will it ever get paid back? Did the NWO sell our souls to the company store?
This bailout of Ireland’s banks means that each taxpaying Irish citizen suddenly owes an additional $25,197. These same folks, one might expect, could not get a loan of this amount from the same banks they were just forced to loan money to! And tho the rates are high, you can bet those same banks would charge their customers more.
The banks made bad investment decisions. Disregarding the why’s of those decisions, those bad choices are now not borne by those that made them, but rather by the very people whose money was used to fund them! Think about it for a second: people deposit money in a bank (because it’s safer than a mattress and should warn more than being in one, too). The bank takes that money and makes what amounts to a bad bet, instead of an investment. The trader that works for the bank and the salesman who works for the brokerage that sold the bet both made nice commissions and probably nicer bonuses – so they made money. The bet goes south. The bank loses the customers money. The government then “bails out” the bank using….future tax dollars from those same taxpaying customers who initially put their money in the bank for safety!!!
Now, the bailout money is supposed to go back into the system to allow the bank to get back to the business of lending money and keeping the economy rolling. But now the bank puts the money in an account with another bank (earning interest) or makes more bets.
Really??? Really.
The bank now has money but the taxpayer not so much.


~ by Mad Prophet on November 28, 2010.

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