Greetings from a dark and dangerous place!

Welcome to my world. In it, I discuss everything from guns and cameras, to the human mind and politics. Unlike a barroom discussion, I’ll gladly talk religion, too. I’m decidedly conservative, though you’ll find that tempered with a knowledge that we all must do something for those who can’t (and abandon those that won’t). I’m very opinionated, as well, and will make those opinions known. I’ll use foul language, so this is an R rated site. Don’t let your kids read me or I’ll corrupt them for life.

A few other things: I’m American (so I’m a nationalist), white (so I’m a racist) and male (so I’m a sexist). If you don’t like it, push your back button now. Don’t complain, don’t write my mommy (she wouldn’t care anyway) and don’t go telling your congressman. Just leave. But don’t go away mad…just go away. I’m really not as offensive as I’m making myself out to be. I just get tired of people that toe the line or expect that others will. I’m not going to. I define my own line. I’ll toe that.

Unlike most of you, I’ve read some history. I keep reading history even now. I read stuff written by the left and right. I’m not convinced there’s a middle. On my shelf are books by Buchanan and Zinn. Between the two is the truth, somewhere. I’ve also got copies of both the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers. I like to hear both sides. You should, too. On top of our own history, I have some idea of history around the world. I read about and have even visited South Africa. I am familiar with the history and current events of much of southern Africa.

I also have a bit of travel behind me. I’ve been to Europe numerous times – and even lived in Germany as part of the US Air Farce for two years. Additionally, I’ve had a number of European exchange students live with us and learned much of their cultures. I and my son have both visited them in Europe. My son lived with one of our students for a summer. I’m trying to point out that I have a bit wider view of the world than my living room, the local McDonalds and my place of business. Most of you…don’t.

Lastly, I’m not working any more. I was in many fields. I was an aircraft mechanic in the USAF, a used cars salesman, a commodities broker, then a bond broker, finally a stock broker. I was a repossessor – part owner and qualified manager of repossessions, to be honest. I was a computer programmer and network engineer. Finally, I was a systems analyst and designer and manager of a large programming and quality control group for a large software vendor. I’ve been around.

If you come back here, expect me to rail against the former senator and current media darling BO. Don’t expect me to ever like him or say he’s doing the right thing. The MTV generation that thought it would be “cool” to elect him is the death of this country. Most kids now don’t have a single original idea in their heads and we’d not miss them if the world suddenly flushed em down the toilet. Do expect me to fight and talk about the rights of gun owners and my fellow conservative Americans. Do expect me to talk OTT about cameras and aquariums (I have 4 in my house) and the San Jose Sharks and Bob and Cindy Everyman. Do expect me to post when I’m pissed off – and not edit the post later.

If that all sounds good to you, bookmark my ass and come back. Give me feedback. I’d love to tear you a new one – or possibly learn something from you. It’s happened. Either way, come back or stay away, thanks for coming today and I look forward to educating and aggravating you!


~ by Mad Prophet on June 1, 2009.

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